Messier 1

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Messier 1

Postby Paul115 » Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:46 pm

Over in East Cheshire (England), we had an unexpected treat. A clear sky on a Saturday. Has the world gone mad?

I have been waiting to take a really good CCD picture of the famous Crab Nebula for ages. So last night I couldn't resist. I used my Altair 115 EDT with an Atik 428ex and H-alpha filter(Baader 7nm), to image Messier 1. This picture is the result of 3 hrs in 900 second exposures.

It is a shame really, I can't see such detail as this, with my modest collection of telescope's, and light polluted skies.

The seeing wasn't good last night. ANT IV at best. But the transparency was excellent. Orion really did stand out, as did Messier 42.

Here's hoping we are ALL blest, with a good proportion of clear skies during our Northern winter.

This picture has been carefully processed in ST. With additional post processing in PS.

The Crab Nebula
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