My first hubble palette - Cave Nebula

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My first hubble palette - Cave Nebula

Postby Rkonrad » Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:32 pm

This is my first attempt at a hubble palette. Most of the work was done through StarTools but in the end I went to Photoshop to modify the colours somewhat to give the "hubble look". If anyone else knows another way to get the proper colours I'd love to know.

The data was generously provided by Eric Coles - thank you!


This is a better one I think.
I'd love comments.
General process work-flow:
1. I processed each channel separately, HA, Oiii, and S2 and finally luminance which is a detailed version of HA
2. I loaded them lrgb and boosted the Oiii and S2 to "2" (red-S2, green-HA, blue-Oiii)
3. Gave it a slightly more rgb blur
4. Sharpened slightly
5. I did the colour adjustment with photoshop (under linux!) as described in the link above.

Generally I like the colours but the details are "blobby". It lacks the clarity I was able to obtain through more normal processing (rgb straight from linear). Also I'm wondering about what is acually correct regarding the hubble palette colours. Did the hubble team actually use photoshop with this technique?

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