Flying bat nebula

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Flying bat nebula

Postby micheleorsini » Sun Sep 02, 2018 3:43 pm

Hi friends of startools!
this is a very faint subject, it consists of approximately 10 hours integration time in RGB and 10 in HA, HA integration time should be greater but I had to invest 10 hours in RGB just to have a little signal to extract the color!


I decided to pick this nebula because I wanted to push my current gear to the limit and understand how far I was able to go (this includes the time I am able to invest on a single subject).

There is just one chance to improve this image by adding 20 more hours next year, then, it won't be worth spending more time.

I wanted to make this effort because I am a backyard astrophotographer and I am aware of the fact that this will limit my opportunities and, at the same time, will require much more time to achieve good results: this nebula represent the faintest subject I will be able to shoot at until I improve my gear somehow.
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