StarTools now generates 3D media from your 2D images

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StarTools now generates 3D media from your 2D images

Postby admin » Thu Dec 19, 2019 1:57 am

StarTools can now create plausible depth information from 2D images, for use by various 3D media and Virtual Reality.

These 3D media include Anaglyphs, side-by-sides, standalone 2.5D embeddable web content, standalone WebVR/XR content for all major headsets (down to $1 Google Cardboard devices) and even Facebook 3D photos.
Some example output;

Side-by-side (cross viewing)
Side-by-side (parallel viewing)
Standalone WebVR/XR html (needs headset for 3D)
Standalone 2.5D Web viewer (fully configurable)

...or turn your image into a Facebook 3D photo;

fb3d.jpg (148.93 KiB) Viewed 4338 times

It is fun little feature to play with, just in time for the holidays - show your friends and family this year's haul in glorious 3D! It bears repeating that the depth information is based on educated guessing rather than being entirely scientifically accurate, but it can nevertheless be useful to demonstrate the possible nature and origin of an image's features (not to mention it just looks plain cool! wink.gif ).

One particular useful application is challenging the common (incorrect) assumption that "dark" means "background", whereas many dark features (dust, Bok globules, etc.) actually exist in the foreground of many objects.

Go here to learn more about the new Stereo 3D module. It is available as of the latest 1.6 beta version of StarTools.

Wishing you all happy holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2020!
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