Change "User Notes" to "Detailed Usage Notes" ?

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Change "User Notes" to "Detailed Usage Notes" ?

Postby skygaze » Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:32 pm

or "User/Usage Notes". I know this seems really picky/low priority/semi-pointless.... but it took me more than a week to find an answer to "how do I select all the galaxies [Markarian's Chain] at once?" It was right there in the User Notes for masking. There was no link/reference to this valued information in the mask web page. Please don't take this as a complaint - just the old adage that if one person took time figuring it out, then others will too. I thought "User Notes" meant "random notes by some people".

How about a "reverse lookup" forum/FAQ page? i.e. a symptom list. I am currently helping a newbie who knows they have a problem, but not the experience to diagnose the cause nor the terminology to seek a particular tool/treatment. In addition to the issue noted above, I had an earlier problem dealing with high ISO noise where the solution turns out to be using gamma in autodev, way earlier in the chain than noise reduction, which didn't seem to help at all. I'm kinda thinking of a pictorial page with "if you have this problem [image], follow the advice here [link]. If that doesn't help, you may have that, in which case try [link2]."

Here I am a digital camera user since the early 2000s, doing wide field tracked shots among other things, and suddenly realizing...again... <grin/sigh> how little I actually know. Thankfully there are wonderful people in this group who dive deep and/or light the way.
Best wishes all.
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Re: Change "User Notes" to "Detailed Usage Notes" ?

Postby hixx » Sun Apr 19, 2020 6:10 pm

Hi Skygaze,
you might want to check out the Inofficial Manual available on the download page.
It contains both the Official content on the homepage, Guy's User Notes and some more articles I digged out
I just updated it to V1.6. It's an old fashioned PDF, but it provides all information on in one place
It is available in English and German translation

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