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Anti virus issues

Postby Burly » Sat Apr 30, 2016 7:08 am

If you have issues installing startools particularly if you have bullguard antivirus like i have had as it keeps quarantining files here`s how to disable

Thank you for contacting BullGuard Support.

In order to deal with the issue at hand I will kindly ask you to follow these steps:

1. Open BullGuard and from the upper menu access Settings > Advanced.
2. Move to the Antivirus section and turn off the Antivirus Protection.
3. Click on the "back" button (<-) to return to the main interface.
4. In the Antivirus section click on the [...] button and select Quarantine.
5. Place a checkmark in front of the quarantined file, then click on Restore.
6. Go back in Settings > Antivirus > Tuning.
7. Place a checkmark for "Skip files/folders".
8. Click on the "files/folders" link and then on the [+] button to add the path of the file to the scanning exceptions and confirm with OK.
9. Go up to Antivirus and re-enable the Antivirus Protection.
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Re: Anti virus issues

Postby admin » Thu May 05, 2016 11:09 pm

Thanks for this! I've made it a sticky. :thumbsup:

Unfortunately the more "lazy" AV software just sees "StarTools" (which shares its name with the "Star Tools" key logger) and quarantines it... If the threat ID is similar to "Gen.Heur" you will know that it's a "general heuristic" that flagged StarTools; i.e. it's not a signature match. If it does come up with a signature match that is not based on fallible heuristics, then there could be something more sinister going on of course.

It's also worth noting that no Windows machine or Operating System other than Linux is being used anywhere in the development->distribution chain (StarTools is cross-compiled for Windows on Linux), so the chance of a Windows virus making it into the executable is... slim. :)
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