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New Filetype when saving jpg or tiff

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 9:28 pm
by saublestarman
Would it be possible to have Startools automatically save a companion text file when it saves a jpg or tiff. If the saved image is called MyAstroImage.jpg the companion file could be called MyAstroImage_STL.txt The STL suffix stands for "Startool Log". This file would contain all of the information that right now is also saved to the Startools.log file. Because it is a txt file it would be very easy to view it's contents.

In my case, this would allow me to browse thru the photos I have created using Startools and when I find one where I really like how it turned out, I can view the companion _STL.txt which shows me exactly what modules I used, all of the pertinent settings used in each module and what image I started with. Also, If I ran out of time while using startools I can simply save what I have and a _STL.txt file will be generated that I can later use to re-trace my steps. The _STL.txt files will be microscopic compared to the jpg and tiff files so they should not be a burden on hard disk space.