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Interface Tweaks

Postby Troy Galebach » Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:29 pm

Hi Ivo, Happy 2019!

I was wondering, when I enter the Deconvo module, one of my choices is to "Don't create a Mask now, Lunar or Planetary"
When I select that, wouldn't it be better to have the Image Type on the following screen be set to Image type = Lunar/Planetary automatically instead of Deep Space?
Certainly not a high priority and probably more noticeable to me as I only use StarTools at the moment to process Lunar and Planetary images.

The second question is that on the Wavelet Sharpen, would it be better to begin with Intelligent Enhance off, and allow the user to try to sharpen manually before turning Intelligent Enhance on?
I only ask that question because I've noticed that I don't have much control over the image with it on. It might be my lack of experience with the program which predisposes my need to try everything myself manually.

These are questions more than requests; I'm not smart enough to know if adding them is the right thing, or how many would benefit from these changes, if any.

Troy Galebach
Troy Galebach
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