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Postby saublestarman » Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:36 pm

Something that I have found frustrating while using Startools is that the Pan & Zoom settings will suddenly change when I enter/exit a feature such as Mask. I may have zoomed in on a problem star and then selected Mask. Typically the Mask screen will be using a completely different Pan & Zoom which requires me to redo the Pan & Zoom. If I first select Mask and then zoom in on a problem star, when I exit the Mask feature the Pan & Zoom will just to settings that are not related to what I am currently working on. Can you invent a LOCK button that will effectively lock-out the program from changing the Pan & Zoom settings. When LOCK is activated the only Pan & Zoom adjustments that can arise are by the user. As the user enters or exits a module, or sub-feature of a module (i.e. Crop), the Pan & Zoom settings should not change except for minor adjustments to preserve aspect ratio when necessary. Basically, whatever was at the center of the user's FOV should always remain at the center. The only exception being when the user has programmatically changed the size of the image using CROP or has loaded a new image.

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