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Multiple windows for doconv & sharp

Postby Troy Galebach » Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:43 pm

Hi Ivo,
I was thinking today while working on Deconv & Sharp on a Jupiter image I took the other night.
You know, since the scale of the Planets is small relatively speaking, I was wondering if those screens could have multiple small screens.
For instance 1 main window, and four others, upon entering deconv, they would be populated with planet's image with the radius value of 4 for the 1st window, 8 for the 2nd, 12 for the 3rd, 16 for the 4th, and 20 for the 5th.
A user would know which of the 5 is closest to where to begin, and could click the right window, which would clear the other 4 and continue along their merry way without stepping 1 at a time though the radius values, the key is you can see all what I'll call ranges without trying to remember what the screen looked like at a previous radius value. For instance if the 3rd window is closest to a good adjustment, the user could begin with a value of 12.
Probably more work than you need, and it seems that deep space is the main interest of your user base.
Just an idea to consider. I think a before and after would be a good thing to consider too. Not the initial image, but the image just prior to changing one parameter on a given tool.

Troy Galebach
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