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Mask tool enhancement

Postby ecuador » Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:05 pm

I really like the fact that in StarTools you spend less time working on masks than you do with other software. That said, when I actually need to define a mask myself (e.g. auto doesn't always get it right when I try Decon), there are some things that could make my life a lot easier and I think they are not too hard to implement (at least some):

-When you are in the "Auto" screen and you can click the Stars presets or tweak them, could you apply the settings directly to this screen and "keep" when you are happy with it? Sort of like how the rest of the tools of StarTools work, so you can find your settings faster.
-Lassoo could be improved a bit. Apart from allowing non-convex areas, which might not be trivial and not that important, how about splitting it in lassoo add / lassoo remove tools, because currently I have to make sure I start from the right position and makes it quite awkward to use (especially since I want to do overlapping convex areas to define the non-convex areas that I want). In general more tools could use an on/off switch instead of be toggle (e.g. the similar brightness).
-Defining a brush size for the freehand tool would be really great.


Edit: An ellipse tool would be welcome too! And although not exactly mask, but mask-related, would it be simple to allow a Mask Fuzz over 40px? I just came across a pic that would benefit from it in "Life" module.
Edit 2: How about tolerance adjustment for similar brightness/color? Don't think that I am asking to much, if you add just the easiest of these it might give enough functionality to be able to do most things.
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Re: Mask tool enhancement

Postby almcl » Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:29 am

Plus one for 'brush size' on the free hand tool, if that's at all possible?

I frequently try to capture a small area and end up with almost the whole background! The 'undo' button is a godsend in these circumstances :)
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