1.4.325 only runs on Mac OS X Sierra

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Re: 1.4.325 only runs on Mac OS X Sierra

Postby admin » Fri Nov 18, 2016 3:35 am

cytan299 wrote:Hi developers,

I'm really sorry to hear that it is getting so difficult to develop on Mac OS. I have used Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) and Mac OS. (I started, from the usual DOS universe, to BSD and AIX. I programmed in C++ which was still a twinkle in Bjarne Stroustrup's eye with Cfront) IMO, Windows is the *worst* OS ever made and I cannot use it without attempting to smash the computer. So, I hope that things get better on the Mac. I assume that the Apple developers have complained. If not, please do! I hope that ST will continue on the Mac, it'll be really annoying to move to Linux to run ST.


I can only speak for ST, but I'll do my best to keep supporting macOS for as long as I can. It's just a pity that the little time and money I have that was spent on contending with Apple's shenanigans could have instead been spent on fixing bugs and adding features.

As for WIndows. Yeah, I moved to Linux 10 years ago and haven't looked back.That said, if you need to run the Adobe suite, Office, etc. then Windows 10 especially has come a long way (shame about the incessant spying/phoning home though). There is always VMs as well I suppose (though Apple will not allow you to run macOS in a VM, unless the hardware is from Apple too).

DISCLAIMER: much of the above is my personal opinion and probably wrong... :P
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Re: 1.4.325 only runs on Mac OS X Sierra

Postby ecuador » Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:30 am

cytan299 wrote:Hi developers,

I assume that the Apple developers have complained. If not, please do!

The bad thing about Apple is that they don't care what anyone says, neither their users (who don't really object to anything) nor developers. They are ridiculously slow at fixing even obvious and well reported bugs - if they ever do, more than once I've found bugs that are well-reported and Apple just responds "won't fix - as designed", even though it is obviously a bug (or sometimes behavior going against RFCs etc). Similar to the "you're holding it wrong" mentality. If KDE and Gnome were not screwed up nowadays, I wouldn't be using it as my main desktop (still at Mavericks) - but I can only take so much abuse, so we'll see.
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