Help needed with narrow band processing

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Re: Help needed with narrow band processing

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Here are the new links to the narrow band data on M17. I shot just over 30 hours and keep about 95% of the subs for a total integration time of 28.6 hours. All subs were 3 minutes for a total of just over 600 subs. All pre-processing was done in APP. Shot from a "red zone" outside the city with ASI1600MM-Pro, 8" F4 newt, 6nm filters.

Ha 570min: ... .fits?dl=0
Oiii 558min: ... .fits?dl=0
Sii 588min: ... .fits?dl=0

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Re: Help needed with narrow band processing

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Hi DaRiv,

What a fantastic dataset! :bow-yellow:
Such a joy to work with. It's been perfect for trying out the new 1.5 features.
I will send you a PM with regards to this, hopefully in the next few days.

Totally standard workflow, mostly using defaults (on-purpose) and no HDR module (also on-purpose), classic Hubble look;
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(not sure this JPEG does it justice...)

I used a few new features of 1.5 however; the narrow band presets, a replacement of the LRGB module ("Compose") which lets you process luminance and color at the same time as if it's a simple DSLR dataset, and a brand new module ("Entropy-driven Detail Enhancement") which looks cross-color channel for detail and re-weights luminance contribution. Especially the latter will do wonders for narrowband composites.

Thanks so much for uploading this - it's been very helpful!
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Re: Help needed with narrow band processing

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That looks great, I look forward to hearing about the new tools!
I used the LRGB module to create a synh lum and then went back into the LRGB module to combine the channels. Also used the narrowband preset for wipe. Used a heavy dose of HDR to tame the core. Used the Hubble preset in the color module but tweaked it a bit with more dark saturation and capped the green to brown. Added heavy fringe killer to the usual purple halos. Not exactly standard Hubble pallet processing, but I kinda like the blue. The HDR gave it a "crunchy" look, I pushed the detail slider all the way to 2000.
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