Ghosts of Cassiopeia

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Re: Ghosts of Cassiopeia

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dariv wrote: Thu Nov 12, 2020 4:04 pm Ivo,
That's really amazing what you can accomplish. Can you give more detail about the use of layer in this example? or perhaps post the log of what you did? Two of the modules I hardly ever touch are layer and filter so this kind of new to me. I see how you use the filter. But it kills all the blue in the image. If you try to mask just the halo, you get a big black halo instead. I guess the layer module is used to extract the blue in the image, but not in the halo? and then blend it back in after the filter?
Apologies for the delay.
Indeed, I used the Layer Module to layer back in some of the blue, using Mask Fuzz to make the layering smooth.
Again, all this is really a last resort and you may or may not find it worthwhile doing this. Beyond using the Filter module, selective editing (e.g. making hand-drawn masks) to restore some parts of the image of course firmly falls in the "photoshopping" realm and less in the "photography" realm.
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