Is this walking noise?

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Is this walking noise?

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See attached picture. Is this walking noise. Inmy last session going for Ic1805 this was extremely in the picture, i could not get it completely out allthough on my 2 former stacks ST did a very good job,
Reviewing my last 2 session with IC1805 + Ic1848 is saw it too but not that severe.
I see that also the more frames you take and stack the more is becomes visible.

No i did not dither, well i did on the last session but my parametes were way to low. Now for the next session i calculated to dither 20 pixels.
I am using a Canon 800D unmodded camera

Can somebody acknowlegde , that the picture is definately walking noise?

Thanks for replying
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Re: Is this walking noise?

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That is walking noise.
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