Good flats?

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Re: Good flats?

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Just for documentation if anybody finds this thread looking for help with overcorrecting flat frames. I sorted out what went wrong with my calibration. My new flats work if I apply bias frames. No matter if I use old bias frames from September or new dark flats. But the dark flats have to be applied as bias and not as dark flats in DSS which was the way I was doing it. Stupid, maybe!?

The crucial difference between working and not working has not been the change from APT to NINA but to drop bias frames after the imaging session. I had read that one doesn't do bias anymore but substitutes with dark flats. That might be right, but in my case those have to be applied as bias frames in DSS and not as dark flats. Although I can apply the dark flats as dark flats if I additionally apply the old bias frames. So no matter what - DSS needs to calibrate with bias frames. At least for me and with the applied settings. Can't tell if that's the case in general.

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Re: Good flats?

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Bias frames are subtracted from flat frames, try using dark flats in the bias folder in Dss , you can use bias or df but not both .
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