Banding Reduction

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Banding Reduction

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I am getting vertical banding at lower ISOs with my DSLR. What would be the best procedure to reduce it, besides increasing ISO next time?
Scott K
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Re: Banding Reduction

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Hi Scott,
1) Try shooting with optimal ISO of Your Cam, ot lowest. The optimal range is where the Cam acts ISO-invariant, meaning the noise results for doubling ISO or cranking up a stop in post are the same. Usually this is between ISO 400 - 1600 for many DSLRs. You can check sites like dxomark. com for a linear 3dB SNR increase/stop response in the noise curve or check the Inofficial manual
2) Use Dithering while capturing - the stacker will then remove most banding /pattern noise with its outlier rejection filter
3) Use proper Darkframe Calibration and also calibrate Your Flats with matching Darkflats.
4) Process in ST8 - In WIPE, use correlation filtering
5) Also in WIPE there are options for artificial DARKS - only use these as a last resort
6) In DENOISE, set Grain size to 1, then adjust WALKING NOISE ANGLE by drawing a line along the streaks, the set WALKING NOISE SIZE until streaks are gone. Finally, Set GRAIN SIZE to remove normal noise

Clear skies,
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