Wipe after color fails

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Wipe after color fails

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In general, I'm seeing many instances where applying a wipe results in failure.

The one way that I can consistently force is by taking an image, (while tracking still engaged), and using the color tool on it. Afterwards Wipe routinely fails, generating output that looks more like an inverted or XORed type of image than the original (although I don't want to imply that it *is inverted or XORed, it just has that same feel, stars become black holes with a rim of color noise, large features become a miasma of shapes and colors, etc.)

This usually after having done at least two Develop actions including the initial stretch and that of the subsequent post-wipe stretch following first stage background noise reduction.

ex: Loadimage > Crop > Develop > Wipe > Develop > Life-LessMore > color > wipe fail.

and usually when a "valid" prior Develop outputs in the range of ~70% and above. (for the example I just ran and noted above, the value at failure was ~75%). Note also that intermediary steps leading to the failure all look fine, and that for this test, I Home in for Develop and all default settings for each action.

This is not by any means the only route to the failure. Often I see it after having de-convoluted or using other actions, but it's not clear to me yet whether that or other particular symptoms is/are a red herring (from the above known failure I cited) or something different that leads to the same disjointed output.

Not complaining persay, just an fyi in hopes it might lead to better processing without these errors.


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