Arp 245 (NGC 2992 and NGC 2993)

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Arp 245 (NGC 2992 and NGC 2993)

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This image gave me a lift. Perfect example of two galaxies eating each other. The Astrobin link is:


Arp 245 (NGC 2992 and NGC 2993)

This image is part of my on-going investigation of peculiar galaxies in the Southern Hemisphere. Arp 245 was cataloged in Halton Arp’s original Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies but was not included in the Catalog of Southern Peculiar Galaxies and Associations, because its declination is north of that catalog’s limit of -25. degrees.

I am pleased by this image because it is such a clear example of interacting spirals. The lower galaxy, NGC 2992, is almost edge-on, while the upper galaxy, NGC 2993 is virtually face-out. They are connected by a bridge and both of them have extensive tidal tails.

NGC 2992’s tidal tail, extending to the right, is sometimes referred to as a “shred”—material ripped out from the main galaxy body. NGC 2993’s tidal tail, and the main galaxy body itself, are areas of intense star formation (shown by the bright blue color).

StarTool’s color tool is extremely competent and is ideal for objects like Arp 245, where the colors tell a story. StarTools is also excellent at maximizing dynamic range in the important parts of image, which has helped preserve subtle changes in the galaxies’ density.

NGC 2992 has a complex structure and has been studied intensely at different wavelengths.

Tech Notes for ASA 500/3.6:
ASA Newtonian, 500 mm aperture, 1900mm focal length, F3.6
FLI Proline 16803, 9 mm pixel, 4096 X 4096
ASA DDM85 equatorial mount
Processing with PixInsight, StarTools, and Affinity Photo
NGC2992 Final Small.jpg
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