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Post by John »

This is my first serious attempt by startools. I have stacked in APP then Startools, which deliver a great result. Finally a little bit in photoshop, maybe it all can be done in Startools. I look forward to working more with this software!

best regards

best regards

Skywatcher ed120 og Starlight trius osc. Exp. 77 x 300 sec
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Re: M51

Post by Carles »

Hi John,
that's a great M51! :D Well done!

IF I had to pick on something, maybe the darken "halos" around the stars,
for me it works to reduce almost to zero the Scale 5 when using Denoise module.

Also some people maybe make an Star mask then in Layer module, select brighten and
increase Kernel. : )

But again, amazing result :D Very smooth and great details ! ^^

Clear skies

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