West Veil - L'eNhance HOO in 1.8.511a

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Mike in Rancho
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West Veil - L'eNhance HOO in 1.8.511a

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I'm still doing a lot of fiddling with this, but finally came up with a halfway decent stretch and process here that reveals some of the nifty loops and filaments of the West Veil and Pickering's Triangle. The parts I squeezed into the FOV anyway.

Also one reason I went a little strong on the color, in order to see those loops, particularly in that darker rectangle area of the Triangle.

Still learning how to use and process the L'eNhance for sure.

This was about 9 hours total on July 16, 19, and 28, 360s subs.
Full spectrum D5300, Evostar 100ED, Orion .80x FR, 2" L'eNhance.
HEQ5 Pro with Rowan belts and Synscan Wifi, BYN, PHD2, DSS.

It could probably stand to be a little darker here with ST's dark gray borders compared to other site's bright borders. :think:

Veil 9 dark ST8-511 2C.jpg
Veil 9 dark ST8-511 2C.jpg (474.73 KiB) Viewed 1197 times
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