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Stacked in Siril
Processed in Startools
Final touch up in Affinity Photo
camera QHY268c
Scope-Sharpstar 150HNT f2.8 420mm https://telescopius.com/pictures/view/1 ... /by-cheman
60sec x 220
siril,startools affinity (Small).png
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Re: M33

Post by romoore14 »

M33 Triangulum Galaxy, 15hrs. of data, including 3hrs. of narrow band (Optolong L eNhance 2" filter) over 4 nights between Oct. 23rd to 31st!!!! Usual equipment, William Optics ZS81 scope, ASI533mc Pro cooled camera, ASI 30F4 guide scope/ASI 120mm mini guide camera, ASIair Pro (the brains of the operation), Optolong L Pro broad band 2" filter........and last but not least, the Meade LX85 eq. mount!!!!!! Of course post processed w/Startools!!!
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