NGC 2237 Rosette Nebula in OSC Narrowband Bi Color

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NGC 2237 Rosette Nebula in OSC Narrowband Bi Color

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Captured and hour or so on the Rosette Nebula before it departs our southern skies in a few months

NexDome Obs
Bortle 3 skies
8” f5 GSO newt
EQ6-R mount ( tuned worms for backlash and re balanced )
ZWOASI2600MC Gain 0 HDR cooled to -10C
Optolong L Extreme filter
Baader CC
28 x 3 minute dithered guided subs
40 x Flats
50 x Bias
Tracking and Goto EQMOD and Ascom Stellarium
Framed focused and captured with APT
PHD2 Multistar guiding ( 0.58 to 0.61 arc sec total rms)
Subs reviewed in Astap
Stacked in DSS
Processed in Startools V1.7 Compose OSC Bi Color
Colour module used Matrix 1st to 4th SHO Color mapping options

Comments welcome
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