M17 Omega ( Swan ) Nebula under Southern Skies

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M17 Omega ( Swan ) Nebula under Southern Skies

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Captured M17 for the second time with my 2600MC OSC under Bortle 8 skies and a 70% waxing moon
Unfortunately I had quite a noisy image to work with which did require some adjustments in AutoDev to achieve a good balanced image
Used a mask over main structure in Wipe so I wouldn’t lose too much fine detail
Overall quite satisfied with the result from imaging under such a hostile sky

Southern Hemisphere skies
Bortle 8 LP
70% waxing moon
6” f6 GSO Newt
EQ6-R pro mount
ZWOASI2600MC cooled to -10C Gain 100 LRN
L Extreme filter
TS Optics GPU coma corrector
61 x 3 minute dithered guided subs
40 x Flats
60 x Bias
EQMOD, Stellarium, APT
Stacked in DSS ( no background calibration )
Processed in Startools V1.7 Compose OSC Bi Color
Color module, used 4th option in Matrix , SHO

Comments welcome
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