The Eastern Veil

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The Eastern Veil

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Hi all,

just for the sake of completeness … the Eastern Veil :)

This was my second run with the modified camera and the new L-eNhance filter. There was no dew or fog that night, but other things didn't go so well. Actually I was heading for another target, but I failed to find it (I don’t have a go-to mount). Already tired and totally frustrated, I decided to head for the Eastern Veil. The battery of the camera was already 50% depleted and on top I I ended up having problems with guiding. No idea why, I guess that’s the price I have to pay for using the weakly dimensioned EQ-5 mount. :( . 50 % of the subs were not usable and in the end it was only 40 minutes of light.

But it is absolutely awesome (at least to my eyes), what StarTools got out of this poor data set. And so I decided to show this image here anyway … The veil nebula is really a very beautify target!

EasternVeil-darks-2_01.jpg (320.46 KiB) Viewed 29728 times

- 200/1000 GSO Newton / SkyWatcher EQ-5
- Baader MPCC
- L-eNhance
- EOS 2000Da, APT
- 50/200 Guide Scope, ASI 120 MC, PHD2

- 11 x 240s @ ISO 1600 (~ 44 minutes)
- flats, bias

Best regards, Dietmar.
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