NGC 7380 / The Wizard Nebula

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Re: NGC 7380 / The Wizard Nebula

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Hi Martin,

thank you! :)
Startrek wrote: Sun Sep 18, 2022 12:27 pm I’m glad the colours are not too saturated as you loose contrast and definition when saturation is up to high
Indeed I usually don't have problems with low saturated images, so it was no effort for me to keep it low. Most times I have to force myself to put in enough saturation :lol:

Thank you for your advice regarding the mounts. Good luck, that you have experience with both of them! I already saw in your image posts that you have excellent guiding results with your EQ6-R :thumbsup: . I'm wondering, how this guy on AstroBin (pls. see Stefan's post above) is able to get such excellent results with his 10" newt on top of his HEQ5?! :confusion-shrug:

Best regards, Dietmar.

Edit: off-topic: Martin, I assume you're a Star Trek fan? Next weekend, we have a Star Trek convention here in Germany. It's only 30 minutes away from me. Unfortunately a long way from Down Under ... :(
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