IC 1805 Heart nebula - Red or Pink

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Re: IC 1805 Heart nebula - Red or Pink

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Stefan B wrote: Thu Mar 09, 2023 11:11 pm Okay, think I got it. The color comes from using the duo NB (Ha + OIII) color response simulation although you only got one NB (Ha) color in your NBAccent slot. Probably rather artistic ;)
Yes, sure it is a artistic approach. Since i don't have OIII only Ha it is not really 'documentary', i fully agree. But i just liked it how it came out. Also the yellowish , brown coloring seems to show the details better tjhen a red version for some reason.

Yesterday i made a red in v1.8 and one in v1.9 for testing purposes Somehow it always looks better in v 1.9. I guess i am going to like v 1.9 much better then v1.8. But anyhow, ST keeps making progress. It is even more fun to use. :thumbsup:
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Re: IC 1805 Heart nebula - Red or Pink

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Oh I don't know if that's the grounds for documentary/non-documentary, Freddy. :?

It all depends on your acquisition and then composition. Lack of oxygen shouldn't harm its value as say, RGBHa. Some images don't use a sulfur filter. Almost nobody uses a nitrogen filter. :confusion-shrug:

I do like the NB Accent in 1.9. I didn't use it a whole lot in 1.8, and when I did I wasn't very talented with it, so it's hard to compare. I have had some trouble understanding or making use of the modify dropdowns that replaced the percentage sliders. Sometimes one will make a bit of a difference, but usually most of the selections seems to produce no visual changes. :think:
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