M53, distant globular

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M53, distant globular

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Hi all,

To say it like this, i like the picture...

But is what is strange is that my stars look fairly good, i mean , there are almost ,to none, ringing artifacts.
I used the classical deconvulation, and many iterations , i believe about 50, works always good on globs.
Normaly i get ringing artifacts in big stars,or bigger stars but this time they are as good as absent; strange this all is.

My stars are even still round. Off course they should, but i had some guiding issues that night, both nights actually; my image scale was 0.84 and i was more then once over 1.4 RMS. Afterwards the log revealed a severe polar drift, so my polar alignment must have been way off...
I know i hitted a cable, lost even the connection with the mount, but that could be immediately be restored using the buttons in APT...
I still don't really know what happened. It was all a bit strange, my plate solving did not work as it should and i had some troubleshooting going on; Lost much time and eventually settled for M53 only, allthough the goal was the catch M53 and the nearby NGC 5053. Failed it...
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