The seahorse in Cepheus

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Re: The seahorse in Cepheus

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My understanding was that cap green (or cap purple now, if in SHO mode) takes any green dominant pixel and lowers the green value to equal the max of either R or B, whichever is higher.

I am uncertain how the percentage strength of green cap factors into that math, though. :confusion-shrug:

I am also unsure how green cap works in conjunction with the color changes made by selections in Style and LRGB Emulation. Maybe it's placed in time as the final step and is thus not a concern. :think:

That said, again I think it's possible modules like SS and DN can alter color somewhat too, and thus a MaxRGB on your finished image may not be an identical match to the MaxRGB you were seeing in color right before you hit keep. :think:
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