NGC 253 Sculptor Galaxy again from Darker Skies

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NGC 253 Sculptor Galaxy again from Darker Skies

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Captured NGC 253 Scuplptor Galaxy for the second time within a week or so , but this time 220km away from my NexDome Obs under Bortle 3 Skies and a bigger scope.
I was at my dark site retirement retreat for 4 days but only had one clear night where conditions were extremely poor. A first quarter moon descending in the north west with heavy dew by 10pm made for tough imaging conditions, not to mention poor seeing,. My guiding reflected the poor conditions
Nevertheless I was keen to image this galaxy for the first time with my 10" Scope under dark skies.
My session only lasted a 3 hours, the exterior of the Dome and decking was dripping wet.

NexDome Obs
Bortle 3 Skies
Conditions poor , heavy Dew and poor seeing
First Quarter Moon
10" f5 Klaus Helmerich carbon fibre Newt ( focal length 1250mm )
Skywatcher EQ8-R Pro Mount
ZWO 2600MC cooled to -10C , Gain 100
No Filter ( only internal UV/IR Cut protective Window )
Guide Scope: 60mm Orion with Helical focuser
Guide Camera : ZWO290MM
100 x 90 sec subs ( dithered every 2nd sub ) About 2.5 hours of usable data
20 x Flats
20 x Bias
EQMOD and Stellarium
PHD2 Multistar Guiding ( 1.00 to 1.50 arc sec total , terrible guiding ( see sawing ) but still managed nice round stars , they are just more bloated than with tight guiding )
Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker
Processed in Startools v1.8 OSC Linear data set

Star colour in this image has definitely improved from the same object at my City suburban Bortle 8 location last week.

Quite please at how much faint detail I could expose with such limited data under poor conditions with the bigger scope. ( Gives me confidence when conditions are good and can capture significantly more data eg: 6 to 10 hrs ) It was satisfying dealing with minimal gradient compared to my City Suburban Bortle 8 location !!

Astrobin link below for better resolution ……

Comments welcome

Thanks for looking

NGC 253 Sculptor Galaxy Colour rev 1A.jpeg
NGC 253 Sculptor Galaxy Colour rev 1A.jpeg (477.08 KiB) Viewed 79640 times
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