1.7.424 autodev

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1.7.424 autodev

Post by readerp »

So I tried out this version and got a strange result in the stars
used autodev with 5.0 pixels ignore fine detail (standard I always use)
Previous version did not do this to the stars
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Re: 1.7.424 autodev

Post by fmeireso »

Tried it also today, Got confused with M31 as it gave me real bad overcoloured and oversaturated image.

Eventually was able to drop somewhere the gama ray and that it all fell into place.

I have a hard time processing images...but sofar Startools was able to producs nice images, though i wonder if i will ever understand it...

Guess i just need time
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Re: 1.7.424 autodev

Post by admin »

Thank you agin for reporting this (and sharing a dataset to produce this - incredibly helpful!). I made some improvements to type conversion and precision allocation for the GPU side. This should now fix this issue.
fmeireso wrote: Thu Oct 08, 2020 6:16 pm Got confused with M31 as it gave me real bad overcoloured and oversaturated image.
If you think this may be due to a bug, let me know.
Otherwise, coloring can/should be disregarded until you hit the Color module (or in the Wipe module where color gradients can be seen).
The Color constancy mode does show much more saturation by design (as it negates the destauration that stretching causes - objects in outer space do not magically change saturation just because an Earthling chose a different stretch :mrgreen: )
Even if you do not want/like this type of color rendering, it is still very useful for diagnostics and color balancing purposes, as it can readily show any issues in the your highlights (such as stacker misalignments, misconfigurations, chromatic aberration, etc.). A "legacy" rendering (with desaturated highlights) usually hides this from you.

Any problems, or specific help/explanations you'd like to hear or see, do let me know. :thumbsup:
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