ST and color blindness

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ST and color blindness

Post by rodolgo »

Just wanted to report here that since I’m using Startools I finally solved a major deficiency that prevents me from using the potential of other processing software: color-blindness. The MaxRGB feature helps me tremendously mitigate my red perception deficiency.
Kudos to the bright and smart people who developed ST.
Kindly yours

For comparison purposes, this is what I could achieve using other tools and ST - starting from the same LRGB stacked frames:

Before (APP + PI):

After (APP + Startools):

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Re: ST and color blindness

Post by happy-kat »

Wow they are quite different, well done with the StarTools process.
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Re: ST and color blindness

Post by admin »

Rodolphe, this makes me so, so happy to hear! :D

The MaxRGB mode was precisely created as completely different, objective way to color balance an image, that does not rely on color perception at all.
I use it all the time myself; even for non-color blind people it is an excellent sanity check, to see if the colors in your image are truly reflective of the known astrophysical processes going on in your image.

Clear skies!
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Re: ST and color blindness

Post by Burly »

Well done 👍 excellent results using Startools
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