Conservative in sharpening mask

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Conservative in sharpening mask

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Hi , Just on my learning curve for Startools. Really love it but was wanting to know the definition of " conservative" in sharpening and deconvolution?

Thanks, David
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Re: Conservative in sharpening mask

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Hi David,

The Conservative mask generation settings found in Decon and Sharp, are a little more conservative when adding stuff (e.g. stars) to the mask. So if you feel the auto mask generator is including too much in the mask for protection, you can try the conservative setting. Of course you can manually generate the mask as well.

Masks are used in diffrrent ways by the diferent modules. For exampl in the Sharp module it is used like this (from the documentation);
Masked vs unmasked areas

Masks in the Sharp module are primarily used to indicate to the module where stars - and their halos - are located. However, even when masked out, these areas still get processed, though in a subtly different way; only dark detail is emphasised, but not light detail. This avoids accentuating of halos and star "bloating", yet still digs out detail that a stellar halo might be obscuring.
Hope that helps!
Ivo Jager
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