ST vs Dark Archon

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ST vs Dark Archon

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Just curious what folks think about PixInsight introducing the EZ Processing Suite by Dark Archon?

It's approach seems startlingly similar to the processes in Star Tools. I always compare my Pix results to Star Tools, and much of the time, ST gives me a better result in 10 minutes than I am able to get with PixInsight in days. (But I am not a champ yet at PI, have been learning it for about 8 months). EZ does use PI processes, but ST likewise is somewhat based on the same principles, right?

It looks like EZ Suite is quickly catching on, even among smug users.
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Re: ST vs Dark Archon

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Hmmm... I'm not quite sure I follow... :think: The EZ suite of scripts just seem to pre-bake and chain some basic operations, or am I missing something?

If I understand the EZ suite correctly, then I'm not entirely sure how that is similar to the fundamental signal processing principles behind StarTools? (e.g. signal evolution Tracking)

The principles behind StarTools are those of signal processing excellence and improving on the limitations of old engine architectures as found in PI. User-friendliness is a side-effect of this goal (as ST strives to be more effective by doing things "right", once), but the focus is on providing superior tools; it is no accident ST consistently yields objectively better results than something like PI for the purpose of image post-processing.

If you struggle to understand how StarTools works on a fundamental level, and how/why it improves on traditional application like PI, you may find this recent presentation enlightening.

I hope that helps, but any questions, do let us know!
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