What identity do I choose

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What identity do I choose

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Hi, First of all I am not at the level most astrophoto people seem to be at but when shooting with a filter like L extreme and L enhance I use the compose module and select the last Bicolor choice. In color module I use the HOO identity. If I use the L pro filter which is a fairly mellow light pollution filter and choose the L+synthetic L from R(2xG) B, RGB (Color fromOSC/DSLR) in compose, what identity would I use in the color module? Thanks.
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Re: What identity do I choose

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I'm not sure you would normally use an identity with the L-pro, which as I understand it is a multi spectrum general LP filter. The identities seem to be for NB, like SHO, and duoband bicolor, such as the HOO.

In fact I'm not sure I'd even compose the L-pro data, unless there was some separate need to, as I believe just using open will compose it in the same way (if you choose the center option).
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