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Re: Testimonials

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Great software. I am a newbie at astrophotography, but Startools is very easy to use. I now routinely use it to enhance my Sharpcap livestack outputs. I save a PNG 8 bit image of the Livestack from SharpCap for instant viewing and posting on EAA forums, but also save a 16 bit FITS file of the Sharpcap LiveStack file for later processing in Startools and posting on Astrobin (only a few posted so far!).

Here's an example of what I obtained 2 days after buying the license in Apri 2021. Its a stack of 330 x 4 sec exposures (darks but no flats) using a 14 inch Dobson and an ASI294MC. On the left is the Sharpcap Livestack PNG output, on the right the Startools processed image of the 16 bit FITS of the livestack. The workflow was: crop-autodevelop-wipe-film develop-contrast-HDR-color and denoise - this simple protocol seems to work well for most of my images. I'd previously tried enhancing in Lightroom and Photoshop, but Startools was far easier and far more effective.

My only issue is that I now have a huge backlog of stacked FITS files to process in Startools!!

Thanks for developing such an easy to use piece of software - the perfect partner for Sharpcap!

Valencia, Spain
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Re: Testimonials

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StarTools does more than just help you make "pretty pictures". StarTools teaches you how to "read" your data to better understand the objects you're looking at and better appreciate the limitless beauty of the universe around us. Illuminated Aesthetics.
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