Mask presets if using AltStars

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Mask presets if using AltStars

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I don't know if this is an actual glitch or I just don't know what I am doing. Always a good chance of that... ;)

Anyway, since starting to use AltStars more in SVD, I've noticed that it seems to get "stuck" in that mode despite trying to preset out of it. So, say I used an AltStar mask in SVD, which remains the active masking when I finish, and then I'd like to just do normal stars for sampling in Color, the Stars preset doesn't take things out of AltStar mode. I still get starfishies.

I'm sure I could make the changes manually, but alas unlike some other modules I don't have the Mask Stars preset defaults memorized. :confusion-shrug:

I found what I believe is a quick workaround, which is to hit FatStars, as that has anti-AltStar qualities, and then I can hit the Stars button. Or so it seemed. :think:
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Re: Mask presets if using AltStars

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Indeed, that's a bug. Thank you.
The presets are not resetting the "Star Mask Generator" option back to "Off". Doing this manually should restore normal operation...
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