Crash in LRGB module

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Crash in LRGB module

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Not a major one, the crash happens only if I am inpatient enough.
- Open LRGB module
- Click R and load an image. Make sure the image is large enough so that the loading takes a second or two.
- While the image is still loading click to load G or B image.
- After the first R image is loaded a selection dialog will pop up to load the next image.
- After selecting the 2nd image StarTools crashes.
- Cancelling the 2nd image will not lead to a crash.

As I said the crash happens only if I am "inpatient" and don't wait until the first image loads completely before clicking to load the next image. It happens for any combination of RGB. It is more of an interface glitch but I thought it is worth reporting. LRGB crashed many times on me before I realised that I need to slow down :-)

v1.4.330 on linux, 64 and 32 bits.
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Re: Crash in LRGB module

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Many thanks for reporting this!
Ivo Jager
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