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Re: deconvolution

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jimmy101 wrote:Ivo this issue happens on 64bit program linux when RAM runs out. I have 12GB of RAM and a 20GB swap partition and it will crash without swap. But using drizzle images even these crash the system. I really think you need to implement memory control where the software is limited to 90% of RAM/swap.
I just responded to your feature request, but will answer here as well;
It is highly recommended to use (or add) a dynamic swap space to your Linux install.

For example, SwapSpace is mature utility that creates a ‘dynamic swap file’. It grows (or shrinks) depending on the requirements of the OS.
Note that it also is able to reduce the space it takes up if swap is not needed. E.g. this behaviour is similar to Windows' pagefile.sys/swapfile.sys files.

Dynamic swap is now the default in most recent Linux distros, but if your distro is not one of them, I'm sure it's possible to bolt it on yourself (e.g sudo apt-get install swapspace or similar).

StarTools is indeed an unapologetic memory hog and if you process large files, you will definitely want to increase your system's RAM to avoid swapping altogether.
Hope this helps!
Ivo Jager
StarTools creator and astronomy enthusiast
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