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log file

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Hi just sharing I think the log on HDR is not quite recording,
Here's the log
--- HDR
Parameter [Small Detail Precision] set to [Max]
Parameter [Channels] set to [Brightness Only]
Parameter [Algorithm] set to [Reveal DSO Core]
Parameter [Dark/Bright Response] set to [Full]
Parameter [Detail Size Range] set to [1000 pixels]
Parameter [Strength] set to [3.9]

But Parameter [Dark/Bright Response] set to [Full] is not recorded as a numeric like I see in the application when using it.

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Re: log file

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A conscious decision was made to equate some values and numbers to words that contextually make sense, while being more verbose when describing others. E.g. "Full" usually means "maxed out, infinity", while "Off" can mean 0 pixels, 0%, minus infinity etc. Back before I started StarTools, I was struck with how needlessly incomprehensible parameter settings were in the AP processing applications I tried. Sometimes 1.0 meant "on", sometimes it meant "linear" sometimes it meant 100%, sometimes it means 50/50 balanced, sometimes it meant infinity, etc. Add to that the seemingly completely inconsistent use of the amount of significant figures (1.0 vs 1.00000) and things get quite confusing for no good reason. Most of the time, it was simply - IMHO - "laziness" on behalf of the developer(s), simply not adding that extra bit of abstraction/translation or, for example, not making a parameter's behaviour logarithmic when they should have.

My goal was to help make parameter settings easier to conceptually understand, and also to make log files more portable between previous and future versions of StarTools; maximums (or even minimums) may change (and they have! :) ). Furthermore it helps with values that are - as far as CPUs go - mathematically designated NaN (Not-a-Number), such as plus or minus infinity.

E.g. it is IMHO more helpful to say Parameter [Dark/Bright Response] set to [Full], instead of Parameter [Dark/Bright Response] set to [Infinity]. Meanwhile, you should notice that a value of 1.00 is still logged as "Parameter [Dark/Bright Response] set to [1.00]", but indeed Parameter [Dark/Bright Response] set to (mathematical) Infinity is logged as Parameter [Dark/Bright Response] set to [Full].

Long story, but I hope this makes sense!
Ivo Jager
StarTools creator and astronomy enthusiast
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