StarTools 1.6 Final, 1.7 Alpha w/GPU acceleration

Bugs, glitches and unexpected behaviour.
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Re: StarTools 1.6 Final, 1.7 Alpha w/GPU acceleration

Post by juno16 »

Bravo Ivo! The 1.7 alpha w/GPU acceleration is really impressive!

Thanks for all of your hard work and “no rest” attitude getting the issues with my AMD RX-570 graphics card resolved!

Lots of new features to explore with this new alpha version, but the time that it takes ( or should I say the time it doesn’t take) to run the Decon Module is amazing!

My system is not a slouch at all with an AMD Ryzen 2700x (8 core/16 thread) cpu and 32G of DDR4. I see Decon Module completion times less than 25% of what they are with the non-GPU accelerated executable. Further adjustments of the radius parameters execute in just seconds.

Version 1.7 alpha is the result of a lot of hard work and it surely is appreciated!


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Re: StarTools 1.6 Final, 1.7 Alpha w/GPU acceleration

Post by elpajare »

I don't like trying betas, but I've made an exception.

The final Denoise option, which was always very slow, has been sped up a lot. I liked this.

At first the new interface looks a little too colored and contrasted but one gets used to it quickly.

We will see if the crashes with my Mac that had with the stable version have been solved.

So far so good, good job!
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Re: StarTools 1.6 Final, 1.7 Alpha w/GPU acceleration

Post by elf »

Hi Ivo, I've been enjoying StarTools for a few months now. You've created an amazing set of processing tools here, and I'm so far really liking the direction 1.7 seems to be taking.
I have a question regarding the GPU acceleration. I run StarTools on a 2018 15" MacBook Pro, 6 core i9, 32GB RAM, and onboard switching between Intel UHD Graphics 630 and Radeon Pro Vega 20. For some reason I am not seeing any GPU usage by StarTools 1.7.416 as indicated by iStat Menus. I do see usage by APP, in fact APP triggers a switch from Intel UHD->Radeon and I can see the processing meter as APP actively uses it. Running StarTools 1.7, I am not noticing any switch to the Vega 20, nor any significant GPU processing on the onboard UHD630. I'm wondering should I be seeing something here? Or is my system not supported here yet?

Many thanks for all your amazing work on this!
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Re: StarTools 1.6 Final, 1.7 Alpha w/GPU acceleration

Post by Russ.Carpenter »

Hi Ivo,

I want you to know that version 1.7 Alpa is working perfectly on my iMac, with the most recent version of the Catalina OS.

My last post to this forum was in March, 2016! Between then and now, I've been immersed in PixInsight. I felt I needed to understand how PI works, just to talk to my fellow astro imagers. I'm impressed by how much progress has been made with StarTools and am very happy to be back.

Russ Carpenter
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