Proxy resolution processing for big mosaics

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Proxy resolution processing for big mosaics

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I'm interested in making some mosaics, but I know my computer would really struggle processing them from how it handles normal 26mp and 61mp files. I'm interested in making some multi panel mosaics that could end up being 200 megapixels+.

I also know with some of the algorithms involved this might now work perfectly. However I think the trade off could be worth it and I was wondering if there was a way to work on processing a binned image to refine it, and then apply those edits at the end to larger resolution.
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Re: Proxy resolution processing for big mosaics

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As a ballpark only, I imagine. :think:

If you note down your binning, and keep a calculator handy, some stuff could be scaled. Certain modules have settings in pixels sizes, and the new HDR also provides us with a handy percentage. Others are quite a bit more vague about what the units actually mean though.

But I think Ivo has explained that all the pixels are peeking around at their neighbors for this and that, so the change is likely going to lead to differing results. How much? Uncertain. Also note that ST's bin says it increases the SNR, which probably allows more things to happen in the modules, and which would not be available on the unbinned, lower-SNR version?

That said, you might experiment on some existing data first, and see how well a binned down processing matches up to trying the same (relative) settings on a non-binned set.
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