Save log as sidecar file

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Save log as sidecar file

Post by LuckyEddie »

Hi Ivo,

Having recently discovered the joy of STReplay I now appreciate the value of the StarTools log. This leads to a feature request...

Can we have an option to save the relevant section of the StarTools.log as a separate file at the same time, location and base filename as the saved output image?

As an example: I open (or compose) a .fit file(s) and process. When I hit the Save button and enter a save filename (eg. M101.tiff) as well as saving the image ST also saves M101_StarTools.log in the same location. The contents of this M101_StarTools.log would be the log from the open/compose action until the save.

If implemented this should be optional functionality, controlled by maybe a tick box in the save dialog or the presence of another option control file in the binary path similar to (for example) noblink.


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