Two requests (if that's allowed?)

Requests for new features and wish-list items.
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Two requests (if that's allowed?)

Post by almcl »

First request, please could we have a 'PreTweak' button added to the AutoDev module? I use the 'Ignore Fine Detail' and 'Outside RoI Influence' sliders quite frequently and they both can have quite large visible impacts in quite a small range of movement. Deciding where the best result lies would be much easier if one could toggle between present and previous results.

Not sure if this second request is do-able or sensible, but when composing or layering, StarTools only allows exactly matching file sizes to be loaded. This is a bit of a shame as sometimes it is very difficult (stacking with DSS in intersection mode - as recommended - is one example where one can end up with stacks of slightly different sizes) to arrange for the two images to be the exact same number of pixels.

What would be good would be a bit of flexibility, coupled with the very useful sub pixel alignment feature in the layer module, to allow slightly different sized images to be loaded in the compose and layer modules and then aligned using the 'Offset X, Offset Y' functions already available in the layer module.

I may be the only one who finds this second one a bit challenging, if so, it may not be worth any time, but if it is simple and not too demanding, it would be helpful?
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Re: Two requests (if that's allowed?)

Post by hixx »

:thumbsup: I would support the idea of a PreTweak button in AutoDev. This button is extremely useful and it would be a great feature in the frequently used modules. The big five missing the button currently would be AutoDev, Wipe, Contrast, Life and Color
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