Update video tutorials?

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Mike in Rancho
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Update video tutorials?

Post by Mike in Rancho »

Not to make more work for Ivo, but...ok more work for Ivo. ;)

Background - For newbie ST users that I try to help and/or have introduced to ST in the first place, I'll usually advise joining the forum and of course reading the features and documentation pages, the unofficial manual, and the user notes. But those can be rather voluminous and intimidating right off the bat. Plus, everyone likes videos these days. :D

Now I will also show the link to the three or so videos on the tutorials page, but they might be getting a bit long in the tooth. For me, having started with 1.6 I believe, I've not only seen the changes happen but also know enough to mostly replicate the results of module settings that are obsolete and gone. Newbies may not follow along as well, especially if they are trying to hit pause and process step-by-step alongside the video.

So I was thinking that some ST 1.8 tutorial versions might be helpful. Could even be the classic "real world" M42 and the Hubble Pillars, and maybe some others that would highlight new stuff like NewHDR and NBAccent. But even just some "live action" video of processing that includes Wipe, AutoDev, and the steps of SVD I think would be of benefit.

Maybe. :?:
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Re: Update video tutorials?

Post by admin »

I hear you. The current vids are getting pretty old.

ST just keeps evolving so quickly. Every major new release, things look different, or workflows are optimized once again. I'm going to have to see how version 9 development shakes out, as there are - again - some workflow things on my list.

One of these things could make generic videos rather obsolete though, with StarTools adapting more/better to a dataset's characteristics, quality, the subject, as well as the processor's intentions.
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Re: Update video tutorials?

Post by Startrek »

I mentioned a year ago if Ivo could possibly suggest to or offer himself to give an updated demonstration of Startools on a few of the Astro channels in the US and UK The last one on “The Astro Imaging Channel” was 2014 I believe.
The most recent one I viewed was on a UK channel back in early 2021 which was excellent

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