‘Heal’ saved my bacon

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‘Heal’ saved my bacon

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Hi Ivo

‘Heal’ is awesome!

It’s been months for the weather - and work - to conspire in my favour to provide a chance to image Orion this winter.

My humble offering is attached (jpeg only, for size), which is 90mins integration using a Star Adventurer mount, D5300 camera and 66mm ‘frac.

Prior to capturing this, I cleaned all the dust bunnies from the optical train of my little ‘frac. On opening the calibrated (inc flats) image in ST and running Autodev, I was horrified to find the ‘spring bunnies’ had multiplied all over the image. Not even Wipe could help.

Heal on the other hand disposed of the little dears quicker than a starved fox, and with barely any adjustment to the default settings. A nights’ precious imaging saved and two nieces inspired to look up at the night sky again. Mission accomplished.

You are a legend, and ST is a superb achievement, thank you. :bow-yellow:

Clear skies
Just another M42
Just another M42
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Re: ‘Heal’ saved my bacon

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Great to hear ST was able to rescue some data from the Spring Bunnies Matt!
It is very hard to detect at first glance where data was repaired.

Using the Heal module is not ideal, but not everyone can spend lots and lots of time under the night skies, or has the luxury of a re-do every time.
Ivo Jager
StarTools creator and astronomy enthusiast
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