Moving to linux advice?

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Moving to linux advice?

Post by devonshire »

I'm ready to move StarTools over to the Linux side of my dual-boot machine. Kubuntu at the moment, but may change in the future.

I believe that all I really have to do is move the folder (w/license) over to the other side and pick the right executable. No worries about package management, etc. ?

But I do wonder... Is there any particular folder/path that I should use, or don't-care? Anything to be aware of re: permissions?


- Bob
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Re: Moving to linux advice?

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Hi Bob,

Indeed - just move the folder to a location of your choice.

StarTools does rely on zenity and wmctrl being present on your system. Other than that, you should be good to go with any recent release of Kubuntu. Any trouble, let me know.
Ivo Jager
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