Video: M33 in LRGB

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Video: M33 in LRGB

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Processing M33 in LRGB with StarTools Beta

In this video we process an LRGB data set of M33 (links below), which was graciously provided by Madratter (of the Cloudy Nights forum).

We go through the typical StarTools workflow, showing LRGB compositing, gradient removal, stretching, deconvolution, wavelet sharpening, color calibration and finally noise reduction.
This video was created with a particular style and end result in mind, namely the end result that was achieved through a PixInsight tutorial at ... art/1/vc/1.
Of particular note is the ease with which the result is achieved in StarTools, owing to the more intuitive way of working with a single consolidated dataset - compositing is performed at the very beginning, instead of working on a luminance and color stack separately. Color calibration is performed in the same way as an RGB dataset (at the end), requiring no deviation from the standard ST workflow.

The final result can be found here; ... _ST135.jpg

Image acquisition: Madratter (at the CloudyNights forum)
Image acquistion details:
Music: Robert Meyers, under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License (

This video uses data from Madratter (at the CloudyNights forum), links to which can be found here; ... ffset.tiff ... ... ...
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