Ivo guides us through Startools

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Ivo guides us through Startools

Post by solo05 »

Hi Ivo


I have just found your workflow in this you tube video of a Google event that took place about 6 months ago.
A few technical problems as with all hangouts but a really useful and insightful work through a data set.
At 2.5 hours it is quite long but worth hanging in there especially the colour balance part. :thumbsup:

One part is still confusing: with the - 1 "linear, was not bayered OR is white balanced" and - 2 "Linear, was bayered, is not white balanced".
Could you just give me the correct button to press under the following conditions. :confusion-shrug:

Modded DSLR with Ha filter and then converted to tiff using DCRaw. These should not be white balanced if the settings are correct.

By the way during the hangout it was intimated you might come back and do some more with the guys at the channel. Did you ever get round to doing that ?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Ivo guides us through Startools

Post by Amaranthus »

Yeah, I watched that a few months ago. It's excellent, despite the few technical hitches. A lot of details of ST gets well explained and demonstrated therein. Thanks Ivo.
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Re: Ivo guides us through Startools

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Thanks guys!

The Astro Channel Hangouts thing is a great idea and there are a heap of interesting talks/presentations. The time difference is a little bit awkward currently for me to be able to contribute more and I have to carefully manage my time on StarTools, AP in general and the-job-that-pays-the-bills.

One of the funniest feedback comments I got on the Hangout session was something along the lines of "I can't believe he looks like just a normal guy." :lol:
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