New HDR "Issue" ... missing colour

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New HDR "Issue" ... missing colour

Post by Carles »

even though seems everyone's thrilled about the new HDR, I miss the feature
"channels" .

For instance, found that when using latest HDR module with my Iris nebula dataset, using "Tame" it does tame
the highlights...but results is in loosing colour. as per 1.8.512 still, "old" HDR module had the "channels" parameter
being able to select either brightness only or brightness and colour, which in this case, helped keeping or recovering
the colour in highlights when using "Tame" preset.

here's the comparision;
left v512. right new HDR at v518.
HDR comparision.jpg
HDR comparision.jpg (698.27 KiB) Viewed 1925 times
as it can be seen, in the newest HDR, the colour is lost when reducing highlights using Tame preset.

is there any other way to recover this? there's a way in the new HDR module to choose channels?


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